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Carly Renee Jewelry is finally on Etsy!

Carly Renee up on EtsyOkay, okay, maybe you haven’t been losing sleep over my failure to list anything on Etsy… but nevertheless, Carly Renee Jewelry is finally up on Etsy! Check out the collection and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite pair? If you like what you see, please add my shop to your favorites!

My First Craft Fair, Ever!

This past December I was fortunate enough to participate in Made Buy Hand,”  a craft fair exclusively for Old Navy employees (which I am proud to say I am one). It’s an amazing opportunity for employees to introduce their  creative side to their peers. Plus, it makes for convenient Christmas shopping!

I was hesitant to make more jewelry than what you see here because honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d sell anything. But, despite my apprehensions, the show was a success!

(Check back soon for more about these letter pressed cards…)

A big thank you to Amanda for helping me set up and hanging out all afternoon, and another thank you to all my peers for being so supportive.


Well, it’s official. I’ve started a blog.

If all goes according to plan, this will be the space I use to showcase the jewelry I make, along with other projects and adventures I find fit to share. Here’s a sample of my latest collection:

Cutout Shell Earring by Carly Renee

Wood and Stone earrings by Carly Renee

Copper Earrings by Carly Renee

Bronze Earrings by Carly Renee